MCT Spirits embraces the tradition of Cognac
as a contemporary drink.

The spirit of Cognac is the beloved ambassador of our region, showcasing the know-how of our winemakers and master distillers. Having proven itself as one of the most exported spirits over time, we are setting the tone with a light and refined design.
MCT Spirits' target is to launch modern brands in a changing world, where consumption habits evolve with consumers' expectations for genuine, local and craft products - the type of products you intimately know and share during good times with family and friends.

Our Cognacs

« Modern Craft Tradition » : what is modern can also be authentic and sincere in its refined traditions. This is MCT's philosophy.

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    straight, pleasant, almost zesty, this VS is the perfect base for quality cocktails. The right dose reveals floral aromas such as white jasmine or honeysuckle.

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    Unique, spicy, velvety, a nice structure, notes of apricots and iris, this VSOP goes along well with a meal.

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    Elegant, round and smooth, this XO offers aromas of dried fruits and chocolate. Enjoy neat or on ice!

Our Services

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MCT will source cuvées from single estates only and will provide great quality products.  Similarly for wines and other spirits, direct purchases from single estates can be realised. With good connexions in the prinicpal French wine regions, strong will, good sense and passion for quality will do the rest!

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International Business

After working for 20 years in an international environment, I fluently speak English, German and Spanish, My passion for travel has brought me many valuable and professional skills on an international level.

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Local Business

The idea of the company is to encourage a local network of business partners, suppliers and distributors for regional and international distribution, despite the low consumption of Cognac within our own area of France. My supplying partners are mostly situated in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and I am very pleased with our partnerships.

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Cognac Terroir

Each spirit has its own terroir, climate, characteristics. For Cognac what is important is the harmony between the grapes and the soil. Geology helps us understand how to grow the grapes and extract the best for Cognac. Some crus are very famous and others less, but they all deserve the same recognition! We will offer single barrels or single estate Cognacs to express the best of one house.

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